BUY - TALON Surgical Length

BUY - TALON Surgical Length


Our Talon Surgical Length metal cutters are over-the-top. Literally.

Only our Talon line of metal/crown-cutting burs has blades on top of the bur as well as on the side. This allows Talon burs to cut not just horizontally, but vertically as well, which means they cut faster than any metal/crown-cutters you’ve ever seen.

Here are a few other things that make Talon Surgical burs so special:

  • 25mm Shank length for that extra reach!
  • A unique hyperbolic (hourglass) shape for even greater cutting speed.
  • A single Talon bur can be used for crown prep, cutting and removal, rather than having to use 3 separate burs.
  • Cut as fast during the last 10 seconds of the procedure as during the first 10 seconds.
  • Cut through both the porcelain and the metal, so there’s no need for more than one bur.

In fact, we have yet to come across another crown cutter that offers these features or that can come remotely close to the performance of our Talon line.

And that’s why our loyal customers consider our Talon line to be our crowning achievement.



"I have been a Talon bur fan since the mid 1990s. The Talon long surgical burs have since that time been my standard all-around multipurpose bur.

It is wonderful for use with friction grip oral surgery turbine hand-pieces, particularly for the removal of impacted third molars. Many dentists may not have experienced the advantages of using a long surgical bur for restorative preparations, maybe believing that a shorter bur is the best one to use when access is limited. I have found that the long surgical bur allows me better vision and more control, especially when operated through a speed-increasing, electrically-driven handpiece.

Whether cutting titanium alloys, gold alloys or even chrome cobalt alloys, the bur is exceptionally efficient and precise.

I don’t know what I would do without the long surgical Talon. I have recommended this bur to many other dentists, and I will continue to do so."

Dr. Ian Wellings, Bradford, UK

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Crown and Bridge prep. and removal;

'Ideal extra length for Jaw bone and Root preparation.'

'Removing old implant screws and posts', with

'Longer reach with 25mm Shank length for those hard to reach places'

£110.00 *
Product no.: SURGICAL Talon 12 Tester Pack


Crown and Bridge prep. and removal; More Aggressive 1.2mm tip head.

'Ideal extra length for Jaw bone and Root preparation.'

'Removing old implant screws and posts', with

'Longer reach with 25mm Shank length for those hard to reach places'

£50.00 *

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