FINISHING Burs by TriHawk

FINISHING Burs by TriHawk


Are you guys really serious about this "bur connoisseur" thing?

Okay, we’ll admit that the term “connoisseur” is normally associated with such things as fine wines, rare cigars or gourmet cuisine. In fact, we’ll concede that until we did it, no one in recorded history has probably ever combined the words “bur” and “connoisseur.” Certainly our competitors never have. But then again, their burs aren’t designed like ours. Or manufactured like ours. Or obsessed over like ours.

You have to remember that burs is all we do. All we make. All we think about. We put an awful lot of passion into designing and manufacturing our burs, because we know how much our customers appreciate the special benefits they provide.

So while some people might find it a bit absurd to boldly claim that our products are made “for the bur connoisseur,” we find it perfectly natural.

Plus, we always wanted a tagline that rhymes!

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